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Joshua Rowe

Joshua Rowe

Lover of web development, coffee, gaming, and personal Rubik's Cube solve time of 23 seconds.
HeyTVM animation

Amazing Animations by Trevor Van Meter

This artist from Greenville, North Carolina creates stunning animations and animated shorts.Trevor Van Meter has amazing skill from illustrations and animations to toy design and game design. With clients like Google, Disney, LEGO, and many other big names, he still has time to sit down and create other beautiful works of art. Read More
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printer ink cartridge hack

Have a Printer That Won't Print When Only One Cartridge Is Out of Ink?

Have a printer that won't print black and white when your color ink is out? I do and I got tired of having to go out and replace ink cartridges every time this happened. This article will explain an ease work-around: Read More
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World's largest Rubik's Cube

Man Solves World's Largest Rubik's Cube

Tony Fisher, from Ipswich, United Kingdom, spent two months building the world's largest Rubik's Cube, measuring at 1.57m in length and weighing 220 pounds. Read More
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80Fitz beatboxing

Helium Beatbox

Watch 80Fitz, professional beatboxer / YouTube extraordinaire, beatbox to various songs and character voices while inhaling helium. Read More
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Hilarious soccer narration video

Top Soccer Shoutout Ever With Scott Sterling

A soccer match between the Yale Bulldogs and the North Carolina Tar Heels comes down to Scott Sterling and the most epic penalty kick shootout you'll ever see. I can't stop watching this video XD Read More
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Android Harry Potter

Android Users Have a Cool Feature You May Not Know About

Android users have a cool feature built into their device that allows them to activate their flashlight by voice command. What makes this feature really cool is the voice commands are spells from Harry Potter! Read More
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