Batman vs. Darth Vader

Batman vs. Darth Vader - Super Power Beat Down

It doesn't matter if you hate Batman or Star Wars.  Either way, you have to agree that this video is nothing but incredible.  If you're a fan of both stories and characters like I am, then bonus!  Watch Batman take on Darth Vader on the Death Star in this ultimate five minute short, featuring an amazing battle scene and special effects.
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Star Wars movie

Someone edited together every word from 'Star Wars' in alphabetical order

All of the English dialogue in Star Wars, split into words, and sorted alphabetically.  These clips were pulled from the Special Edition.
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Woman performs weird jig after $5 thrift-shop find

What's better than a dress for $5?  A pantsuit for $5 that looks like a dress, according to this woman who is so excited about her thrift store find, she has to sing and dance about it!  Even though it's more of a jumpsuit IMO, the video is pretty entertaining.
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