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HP Ink Advantage printers are why last-minute projects never bother Indian families! Watch how an HP Ink Advantage printer can help you meet deadlines in a j...
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Dino Pet by Biopop

Dino Pet, the New Living, Interactive, Bioluminescent Pet

Dino Pet gives "Man's Best Friend" a whole new meaning with this new illuminated pet for tons of fun and less cleanup.Have you ever wanted an interactive pet that uses naturally occurring bioluminescence to glow brilliantly when you play with it at night? Then the Dino Pet by BioPop is just for you! It's cleaner than dogs, eats less than a baby, and smells better than anyone. Anyone.

The Dino Pet magically lights up like a meteor show and is triggered with constant movement. It's small enough to carry with one hand, is powered by sunlight, water, and nutrients, and requires no batteries or charging to operate.

So how does it work? This new illuminated pet was created by a group of scientists who constructed a way to sustain biological light using bioluminescent, single-celled plankton called dinoflagellates as a possible light source. Specifically, they are a marine species of unicellular non-toxic phytoplankton known as Pyrocystis fusiformis.

How is everything held together? The outer shell of the Dino Pet is made from an ABS plastic to ensure durability and safe keeping of the liquid inside.

To operate, the Dino Pet requires moderate lighting 8-14 hours per day, temperatures around 69 degrees Fahrenheit, or a range from 62 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit will do, and small weekly feedings of BioPop Dino Food that you can get through the company's website.

Your Dino Pet will lose light relatively quickly, but a gentle rocking back and forth or good, solid movement will light it back up again. The phytoplankton only respond during the night, so if you notice it's not working during the day, don't worry! Just give it plenty of sunlight at the right temperature and amount of food and you'll be able to enjoy the breathtaking light show provided by your Dino Pet.

Dino Pet would make a great gift for friends, family, and kids. It's cool to see technology used for new concepts, especially in fun and entertaining ways.

BioPop has a limited sale going on for the Dino Pet, but you can get it now on their website for a great price.
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Android Harry Potter

Android Users Have a Cool Feature You May Not Know About

Android users have a cool feature built into their device that allows them to activate their flashlight by voice command. What makes this feature really cool is the voice commands are spells from Harry Potter!

To activate your flashlight, launch a Google voice search on your phone. The way I did it was through the home screen widget. Tap the microphone icon and say "Lumos". Your flashlight will turn on! To turn it off, do the same thing except say "Nox" instead.

Pretty cool, huh?
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Mark Zuckerberg playing Facebook Messenger games

How to Play Facebook Messenger's Hidden Games

The Facebook Messenger mobile app is one of the most downloaded and used apps around the world, with over one billion downloads. While there are plenty of GIFs, stickers, and photos to send in your messages, there's another way to entertain yourself in the app.

Facebook has included a few hidden games inside its Messenger app. Games like basketball, soccer, and chess can keep you occupied in between messages or long waits in line.

Here are a few screenshots of the games you can play:

Hidden Facebook Messenger Basketball Game

Facebook Messenger Basketball

This game is pretty easy to find. In a chat window, find the basketball emoji and send it to a friend. Once the message is sent, tap the basketball emoji that you just sent and the game will appear. To play the game, all you have to do is swipe up to throw the basketball into the hoop. Pretty simple, right?

Hidden Facebook Messenger Soccer Game

Facebook Messenger Soccer

Finding the soccer game is similar to finding the basketball game. Except this time you're looking for the soccer ball emoji. In a chat window, find the soccer ball emoji and send it to a friend. Once the message is sent, tap the soccer ball emoji that you just sent and the game will appear. To play this game, all you have to do is tap the ball before it falls off the screen. The more successful taps, the higher your score.

Hidden Facebook Messenger Chess Game

Facebook Messenger Chess

The last one is the chess game. This one is a little more hidden than the others. To activate the chess game, you have to send the message "@fbchess play" to a friend in a chat window. Once the message is sent, a chess board will appear in the messages section. Tap the chess board to start playing!

This game isn't as easy as swiping or tapping the ball. In order to move chess pieces, you have to type "@fbchess" followed by the piece abbreviation and the square code you want the piece to fill.

Confused? So K stands for King, Q for Queen, B for Bishop, N for Knight (P as in Psycho!), R for Rook, and P for Pawn. Moving your king to square C5 requires you to enter "@fbchess Kc5". Once you do it a few times, it's pretty simple. Luckily, the board outline is labeled as a guide for newcomers!
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Mimo Smart Baby Monitor

Mimo Smart Baby Monitor

The new Mimo Smart Baby Monitor is a great device for parents in the 21st century, offering insights on your baby's sleep activity, respiration, body position, and skin temperature, available on your iOS or Android device.

The Mimo Smart Baby Monitor comes with three machine washable cotton kimonos, available in different sizes ranging from 0-12 months, with a spot for the attachable device in the kimono that sends the data to your smartphone.

This is something that would definitely be nice for parents who want to go out together for a night or are traveling and baby has to stay home with a nanny or babysitter.  In my opinion, it may be a little much, but the product got great customer reviews.

For more information, visit the Mimo Smart Baby Monitor official page.
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Windowless plane

Windowless Planes Could Take Flight in the Near Future

The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) has created a concept design for windowless air travel, an idea that could become a reality within the next ten years.

Windows would be replaced with full-length OLED screens displaying panoramic views of the planes surroundings captured by cameras mounted to the plane's exterior.  The firm states that removing the windows from the aircraft would reduce its weight and cut costs for passengers and airlines.

The development of windowless air travel would also include advancements to the aircraft's fuselage including widening individual seating, cutting fuel consumption, and reducing CO2 emissions.
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Star Trek characters waterfall

Are We On the Brink of a Scientific Breakthrough with Human Teleportation?

"Beam me up, Scotty!"  A phrase that can be taken literally in the near future?  Dutch scientists have unlocked the secret to the sci-fi phenomenon of human teleportation, or so it seems.

The Irish Times reports that a team led by Professor Ronald Hanson of Delft University conducted a demonstration where encoded information was transformed into sub-atomic particles and teleported between two points with 100 percent accuracy for the first time ever!  Hanson states:

"If you believe we are nothing more than a collection of atoms strung together in a particular way, then in principle it should be possible to teleport ourselves from one place to another.  In practice, it's extremely unlikely, but to say it can never work is very dangerous.  I would not rule it out because there's no fundamental law of physics preventing it."

A future experiment will include teleportation from one building to another, over 4,000 feet away.

The last attempt to teleport information was conducted in Maryland in 2009 and had a success rate of only once every 100 million tries.
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Nescafe Reveals Alarm Clock That Comes on Top of a Coffee Jar

Talk about bringing to life the literal phrase of "wake up and smell the coffee".  The new Nescafe alarm clock was developed in an effort to upgrade Nescafe's image, using 3D printing technology to create the lid with an embedded alarm clock.

This unique idea was created by NotLabs, a division of NotCot.  The top lid has been 3D printed inside and out with intricate designs created on the outside by Shapeways.  There is an OLED screen and a joystick on the underside of the lid for you to program the alarm and set one of seven gentle sounds to wake you up.  To stop the alarm, you are required to twist the lid off of the coffee jar.

Only 200 of these unique coffee jars will be sold worldwide.
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Print your own makeup with Mink

Print Your Own Makeup With Mink

See a color you like?  Grab it off the screen and print it out in the form of makeup - lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation, and more - with the Mink printer.  Grace Choi, creator of Mink, decided she wanted to disrupt the beauty industry.  She did a little research and realized that beauty brands create and majorly mark-up their product costs by mixing lots of colors.

Mink is a proprietary printer that works just like an ink-jet printer.  You won't need any new software.  All you'll need is a color picker to grab the hexidecimal color code, software to print, substrates, and ink, which is the same ink used in retail makeup, already FDA approved.

Choi stated at TechCrunch Disrupt:

"The makeup industry makes a whole lot of money on a whole lot of bullshit. They charge a huge premium on something that tech provides for free.  That one thing is color."

The Mink Makeup Printer is expected to release at an initial retail price of $300.

For more information and to keep up-to-date with news on Mink, visit the official website at
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Learning How To Build Websites Just Got Sexual

I wasn't sure if this was the most genius idea or most ridiculous but, after watching a few of the videos, I'm opting for the latter.  Although it will probably gain mass attention and appeal, there are better, more efficient ways of learning how to code.  The categorized videos are nothing short of stereotypical and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to notice they're reading off cards or a teleprompter, meaning they know dick about code.  Who wants to learn basic syntax from someone who pronounces Lorem Ipsum as "Impsum"?

But the part where I couldn't stop laughing and had to close my browser wasn't even three minutes into the first instructional video where she says:

At 2:35 if you really need to watch:

"HTML5 is all the rage.  You probably heard about how it can cure cancer and bring your dead dog back to life.  For now, don't worry about it.  There'll be other lessons about all the amaze-ball things it can do."

If you need a good laugh for the day, lower your standards a bit and check it out at
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