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80Fitz beatboxing

Helium Beatbox

Watch 80Fitz, professional beatboxer / YouTube extraordinaire, beatbox to various songs and character voices while inhaling helium. Check out more from 80Fitz's YouTube Channel
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Travis 3y
Bon Iver's Cryptic 22

Bon Iver Finally Released a New Album, But Why Was it Released on September 30th?

After a 4-year long hiatus, presumably living up the hipster lifestyle, Bon Iver has released their newest Album 22, A Million to instant critical acclaim. The album marks a stylistic change for the group from their folk roots to experimental/electronic alternative rock. The 35 minuet long LP is a beautiful collection of a refreshing new sound; Singer/Songwriter Justin Vernon leads in 10 equally interesting tracks which he describes is about “finding yourself.” The whole album is an interesting work to digest and interpret. From the often vauge lyrics, down to the way the tracks are stylized ( 10 d E A T h b R E a s T ⚄ ⚄), the whole album feels like something we haven’t fully decoded yet. Needless to say, 4 or 5 listens in, I’m still discovering what Bon Iver is trying to portray in this short, but expansive work. What is most curious to me is the timing of 22, A Million’s release. The Western music world revolves on a calendar year of 10/01-09/30. This time frame is the eligibility period for the Grammy Awards (aka the which white musician came out with the “edgiest” album this year awards). For example, if an album came out this year on 10/01/2016, it wouldn’t be eligible for the Grammy Awards until they are presented in 2018. Yesterday was the final day than an album would be considered for the 2017 Award show. Yesterday was also the day that 22, A Million was released. Keep Reading
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Kids playing violins with light sabers

These Kids Performed the Star Wars Theme Song on Violin and its Incredible

The Star Wars theme song incredibly played by Quebec schools École de l'Harmonie St Édouard and École secondaire de La Seigneurie. The kids are playing in great spirits despite the fire that blazed through their school only a week prior, cancelling classes for all teachers and students. The cause of the fire was unknown.Keep Reading
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Travis 4y
Best songs of 2016 album covers

The Best Songs of 2016.. So Far

1. Same Drugs - Chance the Rapper - Coloring Book"Where did you go to end up right back here? When did you start to forget how to fly?" Simple yet powerful, "Same Drugs" from Chance the Rapper’s 3rd Mixtape is hauntingly relatable. Presented as an abstract anecdote from Chance’s personal life, the song describes the ebb and flow of relationships and growing up that is nostalgic of a simpler time. And the rest of the album continues on the same brilliant path, often times feeling like the collective wisdom of hip hop has culminated to this moment. It’s one of those rare works that demands your attention and has it (almost) the entire way through.Keep Reading
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Tom Delonge To The Stars

Tom DeLonge claims he will release four albums this year

Tom DeLonge shared on his Twitter page last night that he will be releasing four albums this year, surprising us with a new single called New World playing in the video above, along with two more tracks coming out in the next few weeks. Due to the timing of the tweet, there is speculation that this is DeLonge's response to Matt Skiba claiming that Blink-182 "feels like home" on the latest episode of Mark Hoppus' podcast, which went live yesterday evening as well.Keep Reading
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Travis 4y
57th Grammy Awards

Grammy Predictions

2015's Grammy Awards is going to one of the first in my life where I am actually versed in what is going on. This past year, I have really committed to broadening my musical horizons, and I ended up purchasing some of the most critically acclaimed albums of the year. A more appropriate title to this post would have been "Grammy Wining Wish List", but I will try to keep my biases to a minimum. Here is a selected list of who I think should win. Album of the YearKeep Reading
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Whatevo 4y
Jeff Bridges

Dreaming with Jeff - Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes

Good night and sleep tight to the sounds of Jeff Bridges' new Sleeping Tapes album, a 15-track album featuring ambient sounds, the voice of Jeff Bridges with a calming narration, and guided meditations. The album was recorded at Playback Studios in Santa Barbara, California, with composer Keefus Ciancia ("True Detective", "Nashville") writing the music and Grammy Award-winning sound mastering engineer Doug Sax putting the final touches on it.Keep Reading
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Whatevo 4y
Nirvana: Nevermind album cover concept

What Lies Beyond the Borders of Famous Album Covers

The Bigger Picture, a clever project created by UK-based digital design and marketing agency, Aptitude, fabricates creative photos illustrating zoomed out album covers, many of which you probably recognize. These photos illustrate unexpected scenes beyond the cropped borders of the album covers.  Some of the covers include Nevermind by Nirvana, Off the Wall by Michael Jackson, 19 by Adele, and more.Keep Reading
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Star Wars vinyl cover

For All You Star Wars Nerds Out There

I don't mean for that to sound hateful, I'm one of them! I was going through my collection last night and came across this beauty. I had almost forgotten that I had this! This is the original 1977 20th Century Records release of the Star Wars soundtrack, composed and conducted by John Williams and performed by The London Symphony Orchestra. This double-disc set features the music of Star Wars, including The Last Battle, Imperial March, and, of course, the opening theme. I found this at Wax Trax in Denver a while back. The cover is a bit beat up, but the records are still in great condition. The set also features original shots from the movie inside the cover and a track listing with descriptions of when each song is played in the movie.Keep Reading
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Whatevo 4y
Courtney Love on stage

Courtney Love's Sound Engineer Didn't Get Paid So He Isolated Her Vocals and Guitar. Good God...

This is what happens when you don't pay your sound engineer... and when you sound like complete shit.  This is a video of Hole performing Celebrity Skin live at Don Hill's in NYC, September 11, 2010.  The sound engineer for the show that night (and other nights that week) allegedly didn't receive payment for their work at the venue, so one sound engineer decided to get revenge by isolating the singer/guitarist's vocals and guitar from the rest of the performance, resulting in nothing more than nails on a chalkboard. The video is said to be someone else's live footage.. all that changed was the original audio was muted and the live recordings of the same performance were synced with the video.
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