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Whatevo 11mo

Shipping container homes come to life

Tiny houses are not a thing of the past, and probably won't be for some time.  But several people throughout the United States thought outside the container, if you will, and decided to up the ante a bit and come up with a similar concept, shipping container homes.
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Whatevo 12mo

Treehouse living in Italy is happening at this apartment complex

Treehouses used to be everyone's childhood dream, but now adults are taking to one of the coolest housing trends ever at this Italian apartment complex.  This apartment complex, called 25 Verde and designed by architect Luciano Pia, stands in Turin, Italy at five stories high with 63 rooms... and it is gorgeous!According to the property's website, Pia integrated about 150 trees into 25 Verde's eco-friendly design, 40 standing in the courtyard alone, which means less pollution and reduced noise for its residents.  The trees absorb harmful toxins in the air by street cars and even create a microclimate during the seasons, controlling the interior temperatures of the units throughout the year.
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Whatevo 1y

Giant Birdsnest for creating new ideas

OGE Creative Group, an Isreal-based company specializing in architecture, urban, and branding projects with highly creative and inspiring character, has created the Giant birdsnest, aka "Giant Birdsnest for creating new ideas", an idea conceived and created as a prototype for new and inspiring social spaces.The wooden nest consists of egg-shaped pillows which allow for ergonomic sitting positions for informal meetings and social exchanges.  The nest can fit up to 16 people at once.  With no explanation or user manual, the Giant Birdsnest is ready to used for your social setting or personal enjoyment.
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