You can finally stream 4K videos on Xbox One consoles External Link

Microsoft released an update to the YouTube app available to Xbox One consoles, allowing the One X to play videos in resolutions up to 4K. The YouTube app is currently the only way to watch 4K videos on the console.

Microsoft has marketed the Xbox One X as the most powerful gaming console ever, which is true when it comes to playing games in 4K, but it never was capable of being a 4K multimedia system. The console's only draw is its 4K capabilities, so its surprising that it took so long for anything outside of games to be shown in 4K.

Read the full article: http://feeds.mashable.com/~r/Mashable/~3/V4QqzUHhBMg/
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Star Wars Yoda Holiday Sweater, Yuuusssss! External Link

One Jedi Master will do anything for his Younglings, and we celebrate him with our exclusive Yoda Holiday Sweater. This 100% Cotton depiction of Yoda as the Jolly Elf is PERFECT for anyone who endures holidays to make little ones smile.
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How 'X' became the universal symbol for a kiss

The letter X has become more than just the 24th letter in our modern alphabet throughout the years.  From crossing items off a list to X marks the spot, the letter X is also used to symbolize a common human interaction, the kiss. The Oxford English Dictionary's definition for the letter X says it can be "used to represent a kiss, esp. in the subscription to a letter."  These days, that doesn't just include letters and notes.  We sign off our text messages, emails, and event comments on social media sites with X's.Keep Reading
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Whatevo 5y
Breast exam table

This table detects breast cancer using sound waves, not X-rays

A company called Delphinus Medical Technologies has developed a safer alternative to breast cancer screening called the SoftVue which, instead of an X-ray, uses ultrasonic sound waves that bounce around a large water tank.  Traditional mammography machines rely on ionizing radiation to image a patient's breasts. The risk of developing cancer from the procedure itself is all but eliminated, and the exam appears to be considerably more comfortable for the patient.  The patient lies face down on a table sitting atop a tank of warm water and places their breast into a sealed opening surrounded by a transucer sensor ring.Keep Reading
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