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How to buy Dollboxx green bikini online?

Buying the right swimsuit is a very daunting task. Summer is known as the bikini season and you have to buy the right wear for the beach party. It is also important that you consider from where you are buying. There are many different ways you can buy them. Most of the people today like to buy the Dollboxx green bikinis online as it has many benefits. You also get to see thousands of different varieties at your convenience. You need to be aware of some features of swim suits to buy them online. Read More
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80Fitz beatboxing

Helium Beatbox

Watch 80Fitz, professional beatboxer / YouTube extraordinaire, beatbox to various songs and character voices while inhaling helium. Read More
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Whatevo 8mo
3D Pixar-style character

Artist Creates 3D Pixar-Style Characters Using Stranger's Faces

There are so many talented artists and designers out there today and one of them that really stood out is Lance Phan, 3D CGI animator and designer known for creating Pixar-esque animated characters of complete strangers. Read More
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Young Harrison Ford in New York City

11 Photos That Prove Harrison Ford Is The Sexiest Man Alive

This is Harrison Ford, sexiest man alive. If your opinion says otherwise then your opinion doesn't matter <3 Read More
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Whatevo 1y
Brunette female drinking red wine

A Glass of Red Wine is Equivalent to an Hour at the Gym

As per the lead researcher, Jason Dyck the findings of the studies will be able to help those who got their schedules wrapped up and to those who are unable to exercise. He then added that Resveratrol, the component found in red wine was able to improve performance, heart function and, muscle strength. These factors can be attained while going to the gym Read More
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How 'X' became the universal symbol for a kiss

The letter X has become more than just the 24th letter in our modern alphabet throughout the years.  From crossing items off a list to X marks the spot, the letter X is also used to symbolize a common human interaction, the kiss. Read More
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Boba Fett

Star Wars Spinoff to Film in Mexico?

The website Making Star Wars has included some rumors regarding the first standalone Star Wars spinoff, to be directed by Gareth Edwards ("Godzilla"). Read More
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Disney's Princes movie concept art

Disney Announces 'Princes', First Film with Openly Gay Characters

Disney has announced that they will be releasing a full-length animated film featuring two openly gay male lead characters who fall in love and live happily ever after. Read More
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Star Wars vinyl cover

For All You Star Wars Nerds Out There

I don't mean for that to sound hateful, I'm one of them! I was going through my collection last night and came across this beauty. I had almost forgotten that I had this! This is the original 1977 20th Century Records release of the Star Wars soundtrack, composed and conducted by John Williams and performed by The London Symphony Orchestra. This double-disc set features the music of Star Wars, including The Last Battle, Imperial March, and, of course, the opening theme. Read More
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