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How to level quickly in Destiny 2 External Link

Streamlining the worst chore in Destiny 2 and gearing your alt characters quickly. Read the full article on Polygon.
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NASA Cassini Spacecraft Captures Saturn's Rings External Link

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft captures Saturn’s rings, planet Earth and its moon in this rare photograph. This pale blue dot is home.
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How to buy Dollboxx green bikini online?

Buying the right swimsuit is a very daunting task. Summer is known as the bikini season and you have to buy the right wear for the beach party. It is also important that you consider from where you are buying. There are many different ways you can buy them. Most of the people today like to buy the Dollboxx green bikinis online as it has many benefits. You also get to see thousands of different varieties at your convenience. You need to be aware of some features of swim suits to buy them online.
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80Fitz beatboxing

Helium Beatbox

Watch 80Fitz, professional beatboxer / YouTube extraordinaire, beatbox to various songs and character voices while inhaling helium.
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3D Pixar-style character

Artist Creates 3D Pixar-Style Characters Using Stranger's Faces

There are so many talented artists and designers out there today and one of them that really stood out is Lance Phan, 3D CGI animator and designer known for creating Pixar-esque animated characters of complete strangers.
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Young Harrison Ford in New York City

11 Photos That Prove Harrison Ford Is The Sexiest Man Alive

This is Harrison Ford, sexiest man alive. If your opinion says otherwise then your opinion doesn't matter <3
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Brunette female drinking red wine

A Glass of Red Wine is Equivalent to an Hour at the Gym

As per the lead researcher, Jason Dyck the findings of the studies will be able to help those who got their schedules wrapped up and to those who are unable to exercise. He then added that Resveratrol, the component found in red wine was able to improve performance, heart function and, muscle strength. These factors can be attained while going to the gym
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