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China achieves wireless Internet access via lightbulbs

Chinese scientists have made progress with successful experiments using Li-Fi technology, allowing wireless signals to be sent through lightbulbs.  How awesome would it be that, if your internet connection ever went out, all you needed to do was change a lightbulb?

IT Professor Chi Nan of Fudan University states that four computers under a one-watt LED lightbulb can connect to the Internet under the principle that light can be used as a carrier instead of traditional radio frequencies.  Lightbulbs with embedded microchips can produce data rates as fast as 150 Mbps, much higher than the average broadband connection.

With the technology still in the early stages, research is being conducted to solve problems such as blocked light, which cuts off the signal.  Light communication controls, microchip design, and manufacturing are also keys to making wireless internet access via lightbulbs successful.
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