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Disney Reveals Live-Action Remake of 'The Lion King'

Disney has announced that a remake of the beloved animated film The Lion King will return to theaters in live-action form. The re-imagining of the Lion King will be directed by Jon Favreau who recently directed the new smash hit The Jungle Book, earning $965.8 million worldwide.

This is legitimate. Jon Favreau released this Instagram post on his official feed yesterday:

Excited for my next project

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along with this statement released by Disney:

"Disney has officially confirmed that The Walt Disney Studios and director Jon Favreau are putting a new re-imagining of 'The Lion King' on the fast track to production. The project follows the technologically groundbreaking smash hit 'The Jungle Book,' directed by Favreau, which debuted in April and has earned $965.8 million worldwide."

The statement continues that the new version of the film will include songs from the original. This is truly amazing as the original is one of my all-time favorites, along with millions of others. There are some pretty big shoes to fill, but I believe everyone involved in the making of the film will do it right.
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