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Giant rubber duck

Giant rubber duck arrives in Taiwan

Thousands of people crowded together at the harbor of a Taiwanese city on Thursday to welcome a giant floating yellow rubber duck.  The 59-foot duck is a large-scale version of the bathtub toy, created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, who has taken various versions around the world to spread a message of happiness.

Hofman stated:

"It keeps on smiling to you, you know.  It says, 'don't you worry, laugh, be happy! This big rubber duck in your harbor, in Kaohsiung in this case, changes Kaohsiung.  And it changes also your fantasy and your brain.  And it's a piece of art."

City officials hoped their guest would attract about 3 million visitors and generate tens of millions of dollars in revenue.  The giant rubber duck will remain in the city until October 20.
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