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The man that let the internet name his baby had a baby

Remember Stephen McLaughlin, the guy who let the internet decide the name of his baby daughter to be?  We do too!  He set up a website, www.NameMyDaughter.com, and did a casual reddit, generating a ton of suggestions.  The final outcome, based on suggestions and their final decision, was:

But wait... why didn't they go with one of the ridiculous names that many of the trustworthy internet users provided?

Other submissions included:

  • Cthulhu Titanium McLaughlin
  • Streetlamp Salad McLaughlin
  • Luna Le-Dash-A McLaughlin
  • Megatron Doge McLaughlin
  • Zelda Meagan McLaughlin
  • Not Zelda Meagan McLaughlin

Considering these options, we think they did a pretty fantastic job.  Congrats!
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