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Small town, BIG problem

Oh Canada! The 600 residents of a the small town of Trout river are facing a big problem. 60-ton problem, that is!

The bloated carcass of the world's largest mammals, the blue whale, has washed ashore.

As you can only imagine, a decaying body would not smell so great. Especially a 81 foot decaying body. Not to mention the possibility of combustion. Yeah, that's right, whale guts galore!

Quick science lesson - Trapped methane + heat = explosion

I'm not sure with the heat and gases that are trapped inside of this mammal if at some point in time it will explode," Emily Butler, Trout River's town clerk, said in an interview.

Generally the town uses whales as a tourist campaign advertising the chance to see live whales, that is. With tourist season beginning to peak, the town worries how this stinky and possibly dangerous situation will affect them.

In most cases when whales wash ashore they slowly rot and are picked at by other mammals until there are only bones left. This process generally takes years, but the town hopes this is not the case as the smell will only get worse.

They have considered towing the body out to sea, but the town doesn't have the expertise or money to do so and it would be considered a hazard to navigation by federal authorities.
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