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Üllo Wine Purifier

Wine Purifier That Removes Preservatives and Retains Quality

Üllo is a revolutionary new wine purification product that removes sulfites, restoring wine to its natural, preservative-free state.

Sulfites are essential preservatives that are added to the wine during the brewing process, ensuring that the wine survives the trip from the vineyard to your home.

Üllo only filters out the sulfites, allowing the rest of the wine to pass through the filter unaffected, maintaining its original taste and character. All you have to do is rest the filter on top of your wine glass, glass carafe, or decanter, pour the wine through the top, and let the filter do its work.

Üllo also comes with a built in aerator that you can turn on or off, primarily to boost the flavors of red wines.

Source: ullowine.com
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