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Learning How To Build Websites Just Got Sexual

I wasn't sure if this was the most genius idea or most ridiculous but, after watching a few of the videos, I'm opting for the latter.  Although it will probably gain mass attention and appeal, there are better, more efficient ways of learning how to code.  The categorized videos are nothing short of stereotypical and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to notice they're reading off cards or a teleprompter, meaning they know dick about code.  Who wants to learn basic syntax from someone who pronounces Lorem Ipsum as "Impsum"?
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Whatevo 2y
Baby feet

The man that let the internet name his baby had a baby

Remember Stephen McLaughlin, the guy who let the internet decide the name of his baby daughter to be?  We do too!  He set up a website, www.NameMyDaughter.com, and did a casual reddit, generating a ton of suggestions.  The final outcome, based on suggestions and their final decision, was:
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light bulb chalkboard

China achieves wireless Internet access via lightbulbs

Chinese scientists have made progress with successful experiments using Li-Fi technology, allowing wireless signals to be sent through lightbulbs.  How awesome would it be that, if your internet connection ever went out, all you needed to do was change a lightbulb?
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someecards punch people in the face

Punch people in the face

Dear Lord, please grant me the ability to punch people in the face over the internet.
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