Whatevo Mobile Apps Are Released

We have a mobile app available for iOS and Android! Here are the install links:
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create. share. inspire

Whatevo is about sharing what inspires you, where you can create content for others to read and talk about. Unlike other social media sites, Whatevo's goal isn't about copying content from other sites. We encourage you to write engaging articles, share your art, and inspire others through your own creativity. If you are writing on a topic, we highly appreciate noting the sources of your information in your articles so credit is given where it's deserved. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!
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Marina Abramovic posing in her experiment

An Artist's Interesting Social Experiment

Marina Abramovic is best known for her performance pieces, in which she tries to explore what is possible for an artist to do in the name of art. Her best known piece was the recent "The Artist Is Present", in which she sat motionless for 736.5 hours over the course of three months, inviting visitors to sit opposite her and make eye contact for as long as they wanted. So many people began spontaneously crying across from her that blogs and Facebook groups were set up for those people.
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