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Google invents smart contact lens for glucose measurement in tears

Google has invented a new smart contact lens that measures glucose levels in tears using a tiny wireless chip and miniature glucose sensor, a device that could potentially be incredibly useful for people with diabetes.  Prototypes are currently being tested to record readings once every second, with plans to research the ability of using the device to serve as an early warning signal.  Glucose levels in people with diabetes change so frequently, round-the-clock monitoring is required.  A device like this could be very useful and maybe even save lives.
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Google Maps

Explore the Temples of Angkor, Cambodia with Google Maps

Google has added 90,000 new panoramic images of Cambodia's famous Angkor Wat temples to it's Google Maps and Google Street View services.  Angkor Wat, literally meaning "Temple City" in Khmer, is a network of more than 100 temples spanning 400 square kilometers, built over the last five centuries.  It is considered to be the largest temple complex in the world.
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Google to Launch Company with Objective of Curing Death

No need to read the title again, you read it right!  Well, that's the idea, anyway.
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