Lie Witness News - Fashion Week 2013 with Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel hosts a short clip where the crew asks self-proclaimed fashion fans and professionals in the industry about a variety of designers and styles they made up.
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Chirping is the New Tweeting at London Fashion Week

Fashion giant Topshop has partnered with a new, relatively unknown app Chirp to interact with fans and consumers during its Spring/Summer 2014 catwalk show.  The Chirp app allows devices to connect using short soundbites that sound like chirping.  Content such as photos, notes, and weblinks can be sent from device to device within seconds using the sound.
"We felt this was quite innovative compared to Twitter, where it has to be a two-way conversation.", commented Sheena Sauvaire, Topshop's Global Marketing Director. "You can really engage with the app when you want to.  When people open the app, they can be sent content via Chirp and there are specific places to interact with it."
"Topshop for a long time has been supporting up-and-coming creative talent," said Sauvaire. "We wanted to extend that to the tech space as well."
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