All 10 Star Wars movies, ranked -- including 'The Last Jedi' External Link

Ranking the 10 theatrically-released Star Wars movies from best to worst - where does The Last Jedi rank compared to the original trilogy and the prequels?

Yeah, 10 movies, not just the eight Skywalker saga films plus Rogue One. There's one red-headed cinematic stepchild Lucasfilm would rather forget. Still, 10 is a significant achievement. One worth commemorating with — what else? A top 10 list! 

This was created as the opening batch of episodes for the Cartoon Network series Clone Wars. Then George Lucas made the baffling last-minute decision to release this barely-hung-together content as a movie. Lucasfilm's key merchandising licensees weren't even notified in advance, so it's possible Lucas himself wasn't exactly proud of the effort. 

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Billie Lourd pays tribute to mother Carrie Fisher at Star Wars premiere External Link

Billie Lourd paid tribute to mother Carrie Fisher with her hair and accessories at the premiere for 'Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.'

Almost a year after Carrie Fisher's tragic death, her daughter Billie Lourd paid tribute to the iconic Star Wars actress and took on the mantle by appearing alongside her in The Last Jedi. Billie Lourd honored her mother with two subtle visual tributes at Saturday's premiere in Los Angeles.

Lourd appears in The Last Jedi as Lieutenant Connix (she was also in The Force Awakens), and arrived at the premiere wearing her hair in a stunning bun just like Leia's from the end of A New Hope.

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Older siblings someecards

Older Siblings

Older siblings... the only people who will pick on you for their own entertainment and beat up anyone else who tries.
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