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New Information on an Upcoming Comic About the Planet Crait from The Last Jedi! External Link

StarWars.com has officially announced the release of the "Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Storms of Crait #1" comic book.
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Moneypenny illustration

James Bond's Moneypenny Gets Her Own Comic

We all know Moneypenny as M's secretary from the hit James Bond movies, but her character is about to take on a major role.Dynamite Comics wants to alter the character's perception by creating a single issue comic book where Moneypenny portrays an action hero rather than the secretary that James Bond flirts with before he goes out on a major mission. The comic will be titled James Bond: Moneypenny, where she'll be re-imagined into a personal bodyguard, every bit as kickass as 007 himself, and where we'll get to dive deeper into the character's back story beyond M's office.
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