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Nescafe Reveals Alarm Clock That Comes on Top of a Coffee Jar

Talk about bringing to life the literal phrase of "wake up and smell the coffee".  The new Nescafe alarm clock was developed in an effort to upgrade Nescafe's image, using 3D printing technology to create the lid with an embedded alarm clock.

This unique idea was created by NotLabs, a division of NotCot.  The top lid has been 3D printed inside and out with intricate designs created on the outside by Shapeways.  There is an OLED screen and a joystick on the underside of the lid for you to program the alarm and set one of seven gentle sounds to wake you up.  To stop the alarm, you are required to twist the lid off of the coffee jar.

Only 200 of these unique coffee jars will be sold worldwide.
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Whatevo 2y
Coffee cup

Proven Health Benefits of Coffee

The proven health benefits of coffee, according to nickmom:

  • Enables the ability to speak to others before 11 a.m.

  • Stabilizes standy-uppy functionality.

  • Decreases the chance of your murdering the person who snored in your ear all night.

  • Melts mental cobwebs so you can answer children's relentless questions over breakfast.

  • Increases the chance you'll recognize when autocorrect is messing with you.

  • Makes you less hatey.
  • Lubricates the eye-opening mechanism.

  • Deactivates Zombie Mom mode.

  • Recharges verbal filter, allows for re-entry to the world outside one's home.

  • Gives someone who hasn't slept through the night in a decade something to look forward to.

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