Mimo Smart Baby Monitor

Mimo Smart Baby Monitor

The new Mimo Smart Baby Monitor is a great device for parents in the 21st century, offering insights on your baby's sleep activity, respiration, body position, and skin temperature, available on your iOS or Android device.

The Mimo Smart Baby Monitor comes with three machine washable cotton kimonos, available in different sizes ranging from 0-12 months, with a spot for the attachable device in the kimono that sends the data to your smartphone.

This is something that would definitely be nice for parents who want to go out together for a night or are traveling and baby has to stay home with a nanny or babysitter.  In my opinion, it may be a little much, but the product got great customer reviews.

For more information, visit the Mimo Smart Baby Monitor official page.
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Baby feet

The man that let the internet name his baby had a baby

Remember Stephen McLaughlin, the guy who let the internet decide the name of his baby daughter to be?  We do too!  He set up a website, www.NameMyDaughter.com, and did a casual reddit, generating a ton of suggestions.  The final outcome, based on suggestions and their final decision, was:

But wait... why didn't they go with one of the ridiculous names that many of the trustworthy internet users provided?

Other submissions included:

  • Cthulhu Titanium McLaughlin
  • Streetlamp Salad McLaughlin
  • Luna Le-Dash-A McLaughlin
  • Megatron Doge McLaughlin
  • Zelda Meagan McLaughlin
  • Not Zelda Meagan McLaughlin

Considering these options, we think they did a pretty fantastic job.  Congrats!
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