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3D Pixar-style character

Artist Creates 3D Pixar-Style Characters Using Stranger's Faces

There are so many talented artists and designers out there today and one of them that really stood out is Lance Phan, 3D CGI animator and designer known for creating Pixar-esque animated characters of complete strangers.
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Print your own makeup with Mink

Print Your Own Makeup With Mink

See a color you like?  Grab it off the screen and print it out in the form of makeup - lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation, and more - with the Mink printer.  Grace Choi, creator of Mink, decided she wanted to disrupt the beauty industry.  She did a little research and realized that beauty brands create and majorly mark-up their product costs by mixing lots of colors.
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360 degree panoramic Utah night sky

360 degree panoramic photo of Utah's night sky

The photo that you see above was taken in the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.  You can click here to view a 360 degree interactive panoramic view of the area on Utah3D's website.  Click on the photo and move your mouse to navigate the 360 degree view and use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out.  It's pretty impressive and the photo itself is absolutely stunning!
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