Minecraft Head Matt Booty to Replace Phil Spencer

Matt Booty

Microsoft Studios has given Matt Booty the role of corporate vice president after his time running Minecraft; he will oversee franchises such as Halo and Gears of War.

Before taking over Minecraft, Matt Booty worked at Midway games where he did the sound for the arcade version of Killer Instinct and the sound effects for the arcade and N64 versions of Cruisi'n USA.

Eventually, he moved on to being the CEO of Midway games after David Zucker's resignation from the position. When Phil Spencer was promoted to executive vice president of gaming, he left his former position, corporate vice president, vacant until the hiring of Matt Booty.

I hope this news means good things for Microsoft Studios as their recent track record has been shaky with the cancelling of Scalebound, a new IP that was announced and developed by PlatinumGames. Let us hope that this is the spark that was missing for beloved franchises such as Forza, Halo, Gears of War, and Age of Empires.

Are you feeling optimistic about this new hiring or are you skeptical of what the future will bring from this? Let your opinion be known in the comments below.
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