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Hulu has quite a few new features they'll be releasing soon in response to user feedback, including a live TV guide feature, a Stop Suggesting and Remove ability, a social media opt-in feature, and personalized Olympics.

Since Hulu is still in the early stages of development with these new features, they do not have any photos or screenshots available until a later date, so we'll do our best to describe them for you!

Here's a breakdown of each of the features.

Hulu's New Live TV Guide

The new Live TV guide feature has the same goal as the guide tested on the beta version of the Hulu desktop interface, aiming to help its users find something to watch when they're not looking for anything specific.

Ben Smith, Senior Vice President and Head of Experience at Hulu had this to say about on-demand usage versus live usage:

"The majority of usage, even in our Live TV product, is on-demand. 54 percent of usage is on-demand, and 46 percent of usage is live. And that live usage is dominated by two things: news and sports."

The DVR usage is also very underwhelming:

"People watch far less DVR'd content than we thought they would. We think that speaks to the breadth of the on-demand catalog."

The guide will be a completely separate interface, similar to what you experience on a cable box but, instead of a scrolling list of content, Hulu will only show you what's currently on and what will be on within the next few hours.

You'll be able to narrow down the content you want to see by using the built-in filtering options, including movies, TV shows, and kids shows.

The coolest feature with Hulu's upcoming Live TV guide is you'll have the option to start the show or movie from the beginning if it's currently playing and if the program is available on-demand. That's something you can't get with ordinary cable television.

Despite the statistics, I think Hulu is doing the right thing adding this as a feature and is something I can't wait to try out. I remember flipping through channels as a kid to find something on TV. It almost felt like an adventure running across TV shows and movies that you'd never seen before but might be interested in.

Your move, cable industry!

Hulu's Stop Suggesting and Remove Feature

This new addition will allow you to tell Hulu to stop suggesting a TV show or movie that they're showing you permanently. It works similar to the current "thumbs down" feature, except you won't see the option again and the choice will be removed from your watch history.

Another cool feature they'll be adding alongside this is the ability to manually mark an item as watched. So if you've watched a TV show or movie from another source outside of Hulu, you can mark it as watched and move on to something new so you're not bombarded with recommendations of things you've already seen.

Hulu's Personalized Olympics Feature

Hulu will also be allowing its users to personalize their viewing experience of the Winter Olympics later this year, allowing you to click on icons for your favorite sports and created a personalized dashboard of just sports you want to watch, along with general Olympics highlights.

Social Media Accounts Tied to Hulu

And last of all, Hulu is currently developing an opt-in social feature that will allow you to find your friends across different social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram, so you can see what's popular among your friends and family. From this, you'll be able to view a list of curated recommendations like all-time favorite movies featuring a specific actor as an example.

Hulu sure has a lot on their plate this year! Honestly, I feel like they needed to step it up a notch as I was getting a bit bored with the content they currently have and their current interface is nothing but frustrating. This will surely help keep their current 17 million subscribers locked in and loving their service.
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