Google Invests in China's Version of Twitch For Mobile Video Game Streaming

Chushou screenshot

Chushou, a mobile video game streaming company, based in China, won the hearts of Google executives and enticed Google to invest $120 million to help them expand on a global level.

Chushou is a video game streaming service that's similar to Twitch, but for mobile games, with over 8 million unique streamers since they first launched in 2015 and an average of 250,000 players streaming daily. Despite Google-owned YouTube already having their own game streaming platform, a mobile streaming platform is one of the first of its kind and could mean a possibility of mobile streaming expansion into YouTube.

Frank Lin, who handles corporate development for Google in North Asia, stated:

"Chushou has built an impressive platform, with a dedicated and quickly growing base of content creators and consumers, and smart expansion plans."

Most video game streaming services around today, at least in the United States, are typically PC or console based. Twitch has even expanded its demographic outside of the video game world allowing streamers to cast their creative outlets like painting, programming, cooking, and more.

Streaming services have surged in popularity along with the rise of esports and competitive gaming which reached $1.5 billion last year and are projected to rise 26% by 2020.
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