Sources Say the Halo TV Show Is Still Happening

Halo live-action TV show Master Chief

Back at E3 in 2013, head of 343 Industries Bonnie Ross confirmed the development of a live-action Halo TV series to arrive on Showtime. The show is still in development after many years, but sources say it's still coming!

After hearing very little more about the progress of the supposed Halo TV series, many of us have given up on actually seeing the project come to fruition. But never say never as multiple sources are saying that it's coming.

TV Guide recently spoke to Showtime's President and CEO, David Nevins who stated: "it's still in very active development." Another Showtime executive, Gary Levine also stated: "I'm encouraged by what we've seen so far." also adding that development was still moving forward and would satisfy both Halo fans and regular viewers.

The announcement was at E3 in 2013 by Bonnie Ross, with a short video segment by Steven Spielberg who was also collaborating on the project:

Since the announcement, there have been many releases, including Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians for Xbox, and the live-action web series Halo: Forward Unto Dawn as well as the more extended Halo: Nightfall starring Luke Cage's Mike Colter.

Last summer, a Microsoft Spokesperson and representative of 343 Industries told the site AR12Gaming that "progress continues" and the wait simply had to do with ensuring the show was done "right" in coordination with Spielberg and Showtime.

It honestly seems like a lot of vague response considering the number of people that have inquired about the show's release, but maybe it's because 343 is keeping it close to the chest. It could be part of the reason why the Halo 6 release isn't being talked about much.

Either way, it seems like we're going to have to wait quite a while longer until we hear anything concrete.
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