This Smart Shirt Turns Your Body Into A Video Game Motion Controller

Xenoma smart shirt augmented reality

Japanese based startup company Xenoma has unveiled the secret to smart clothing, creating a skin-tight shirt containing 14 sensors that turns your body into a video game motion controller.

The company's "E-Skin" technology allows your body movements to act as software inputs for games and other motion-based apps using a Bluetooth module that plugs into the center of the shirt's chest area to transmit data to a nearby PC or smartphone running Xenoma's custom software.

As an optional add-on, the company is looking into allowing developers the ability to pair their E-Skin products with Virtual Reality headsets, which would give Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, and other smartphone-powered units a full-body motion controller experience without the requirement for external cameras or other devices.

You can get your hands on Xenoma's general-purpose E-Skin product now, but you're going to have to shell out about $5,000 for access to a developer kit. The purpose is for users to design apps for the company's gaming and fitness platform.

Xenoma is planning on launching an official consumer version sometime later this year, and for much cheaper so it's more affordable to the general public. They're also working on two additional prototypes in the fitness and healthcare realms with the intention of being able to monitor vitals via EKG sensors and track your respiratory system by analyzing the contractions of your chest.

The "smart clothes" market has a bright future ahead of it, as long as companies like Xenoma can configure ways of releasing items as more polished, finished products.

You can view a demo video of the smart shirt in action from The Verge's YouTube channel:

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