A 'Star Wars' Space Combat Game That Never Made It Into Production

Unreleased Star Wars space combat game

Star Wars: Battlefront II gave us a good taste of what modern-day space combat should look like. However, the Battlefront series was not the first of its time to explore the Star Wars Universe's potential.

Below, you'll see a pitch video from 2016 that shows another company's take on Star Wars and space combat. The pitch was put together by game development team Double Damage. Travis Baldree of the team held an interview with Kotaku, stating:

"This was back in 2016, and we pitched a modernized take on X-Wing with all the classic bits. The idea was to retain the idea of a campaign, but also adjust the old X-Wing formula to suit modern audiences, like adding pilot aids and control modifications to suit control pads, as well as adding the ability to save a mission's progress at any point (constantly restarting 60-minute missions after failing at the 57-minute mark can stay in 1993, thanks)."

The pitch video was created using elements of other games. Most of the models existed in some from elsewhere. The video was meant to provide EA Games with a sense of how the game might look and feel in a more polished state, as per the YouTube video's description:

"In case it isn't clear, I made Rebel Galaxy, which is why there are some shared UI elements here. Assets are cobbled together from various sources just for the purposes of the pitch. It was a short few weeks of assembly, and doesn't approach the polish of a shipping title."

It's pretty rad that they took such a long shot at getting another Star Wars game into production. It's even incredible that EA took the time to discuss the options, but alas the game never made it into production.

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