Kylo Ren Becomes Matt the Radar Technician in Epic Battlefront II Mod

Kylo Ren Matt the Radar Technician game mod

Star Wars: Battlefront II players can now add a little humor to the game, thanks to a new mod inspired by the Star Wars Undercover Boss-themed SNL skit starring Matt the Radar Technician.

In 2016, Adam Driver reprised his role as Kylo Ren in an Undercover Boss-themed skit on Saturday Night Live where he went undercover on Starkiller Base as Matt the Radar Technician to learn more about the day-to-day lives of the First Order employees.

Today, you can play as the comedic character from the skit in Star Wars: Battlefront II, thanks to creator GameTSF. The mod is a replacement skin for the unmasked variant of Kylo Ren, which EA and DICE hoped would ease the tensions caused from the loot box controversy after the game's release, effectively plummeting their stock price.

Battlefront II Matt the Radar Technician

The mod only works in Arcade mode, so you won't be able to take Matt in the online playing world. At least not anytime soon. And it's unfortunately only available in the PC version of the game. There's no word on whether Matt the Radar Technician will be playable on the console versions or not.

But, honestly, it's little easter eggs and mods like this that make games exciting to play at times.

Watch the video below to witness Matt the Radar Technician in action!

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