Is DC Comic's Popularity Surpassing Marvel's?

DC vs. Marvel characters battle

In trends over the years, superhero movies based on Marvel comic book characters tend to fly high while DC movies are hit-or-miss. But, outside the box office, DC seems to be selling more comic books than its competition.

The famous comic book store Challengers Comics + Conversation based out of Chicago, Illinois recently tweeted about their sales figures, stating they were "down $21,000 in single-issue Marvel sales alone." This may not seem like a large number considering box office sales for recently released films like Thor: Ragnarok which made $848.3 million and Spider-Man: Homecoming which raked in a total $880.2 million, however Challengers is one of the largest comic book dealers in America. If they're having a hard time pushing Marvel issues, smaller dealers most likely are as well. Challengers also noted that DC Comic sales were up $2,000. Pins, t-shirts, posters, and toys were also up.

Writer Todd Allen of Comics Beat noted that if Marvel didn't have Star Wars and DC didn't have Batman, their relative sales would be probably be similar if not equal. Also, if you remove special events up to October 2017 such as Marvel's Secret Empire, DC surpasses Marvel in overall sales of regular titles.

But if you do remove Star Wars from Marvel and Batman from DC, does this actually level the playing field? Remember that Batman is a character originating from DC Comics. Star Wars is just a brand that Marvel is only selling at the moment.

What are your thoughts on the popularity of the two comic book giants? Do you think DC Comics is gaining popularity over Marvel and its characters or do you think time will tell as new comic books, stories, and movies are released? Let us know in the comments below.
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