Mark Hamill Responds to Porg-hating Star Wars fans

Luke Skywalker porg

Mark Hamill is reminding porg-hating Star Wars fans that he still has a little over a month.

With the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi creeping up on us ever so slowly, fans of the franchise are posting their opinions of the new creatures all over social media. While the reactions to the porgs have been largely positive, there are still some naysayers who are giving them the Jar Jar Binks treatment.

Some of the responses include:

"Y'know what? I already hate #Porgs. They're a really soulless, almost antithetical addition to the #StarWars universe." - Matt Kamen

"I will hate porgs even more if (when) they don't serve any purpose to the plot."

Hamill, known for his witty responses and remarks to the cynicism of anything Star Wars, responds with a meme showing a tiny porg face superimposed into an image of Edvard Munch's "The Scream."

In all honesty, they will probably serve no more purpose than the Ewoks did in Return of the Jedi, which I'm okay with. Star Wars has always been known for adding creatures into its universe that doesn't really serve much purpose other than existing. The same question should arise for Tusken Raiders and Jawas yet nobody seems to have any issues with them.

What do you think about the porgs in The Last Jedi? Do you think they'll server much of a purpose in the overall story or are they just there for nothing other than a marketing ploy?
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