Bullying and What You Can Do About It

Bullying and What You Can Do About It

Bullying has been a big problem for decades, resulting in injuries, depression, anxiety, and even suicide.

The Bullying Experiment takes a look at how strangers respond when bullying gets violent and what happens when no one stands up to help. It's an experiment to see who and how many people will step in to help where needed.

The results vary. Some people engage the one bullying head-on by either pushing him out of the way or taking him to the ground to protect the one victim. One person even starts recording the scene and is automatically confronted by the actors conducting the experiment. But, unfortunately, most witnesses nearby turn a deaf ear and keep on walking, leaving the victim hopeless.

Watch the video below for more insight on what bullying is like today. The results will shock you:

What would you do? Avoid confrontation by not getting involved and or step in to help the victim?


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