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The Lily drone is back in perhaps the saddest rebirth in gadget history

The Lily drone is one of the biggest failures in Kickstarter history — and now it's making a comeback in perhaps the saddest possible way.

After raising more than $34 million during its initial crowdfunding campaign in 2015, the company was forced to shut down when it couldn't actually finance production of the drone. 

Now, the Mota Group (who recently bought rights to the name) is announcing a reborn Lily NextGen drone that looks practically identical to the original version. The new drone will sell for $700, but early adopters can purchase it now for only $500.

There's only one catch: The new drone is missing all of the awesome technology promised in the original drone that made it so exciting in the first place. For example, the new Lily drone will not be waterproof, will not come with a wristmounted controller, and most importantly, you won't be able to launch the vehicle by simply throwing it in the air.

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Posted by Joshua Rowe in Technology
Sep 06, 2017 03:43pm
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