New Pepper Spray Takes Photo of Attacker and Notifies Police

Pepper spray
The Defender is a new pepper spray that delivers a highly concentrated pepper spray, takes a photo of the attacker, and notifies the police with the photo and your GPS location via text message and email. The device can also flash a bright light in the attackers face as well as emit a loud alarm to alert other people who may be nearby.

The Defender pepper spray can be linked to your Android or iOS device via Bluetooth. Geolocation to notify authorities of your current location will work as long as you're in the United States or Canada. I have not read any information on whether or not geolocation will work if it's turned off on your device or whether they plan to expand to other countries in the future. However, the device itself contains a speaker that alerts you when it's connected to your device and when it's not. Your smartphone must have a WiFi or data connection established for the device to notify authorities.

You can also send medical alerts to people of your choice from your device's contact list. When you send this type of alert, text and email notifications will be sent containing your personal description and specific medical issues.

The Defender is available now for pre-order on the official Defender website at getthedefender.com. The release date is estimated for Q1 of 2017.

Posted by Whatevo in Society & Culture
Sep 28, 2016 05:58am
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