The 'Surreal Nature' Collection by Barrett Biggers on Displate

Forest Lake dream poster
Every time I visit Displate, I'm always captivated by the intricate artwork they have displayed on their site. The Surreal Nature collection by Barrett Biggers really caught my eye this week. The art speaks for itself and can be in your living room for a reasonable price.

Based in the United Kingdom, Displate specializes in printing artwork on metal posters that can be magnet mounted to your wall. The artwork is created by over 1,000 talented artists, totaling over 50,000 Displates worldwide.

Buying from Displate means obtaining incredible, original artwork to display in your living space, but also helping multiple causes. Each sale on Displate supports the artist who created the artwork. Displate has also partnered with non-profit organization Trees for the Future to help better our environment by planting ten trees for each sale.

Below are a few more examples of the Surreal Nature collection created by Barrett Biggers. You can view the entire collection and help support Displate and the artist at https://displate.com/barrettbiggers/surreal-nature

Browse other collections on their website by simpling going to displate.com

Surrealism Study in Gravity poster

Surrealism in the City poster

The Circle of Life poster

Surrealism art exploring the Modern Desensi

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Sep 26, 2016 11:21am
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