Somabar Robotic Bartender for your Home

Somabar is a new Wi-Fi controlled robotic bartender designed to create delicious craft cocktails within seconds from your own home.

Somabar is controlled using a smartphone or tablet, allowing you to mix drinks using their mobile app. There are over 300 drinks on the menu, each of which can be mixed and poured within five seconds.

The patent-pending Soma Pods attach to the side of the device, allowing you to add ingredients for mixing drinks and are dishwasher safe for easier reuse.

The Somabar has been in development for over three years now and is in the final stages of production. You can read more details on their website at somabarkickstarter.com and learn more about how to fund their Kickstarter campaign as well.

Posted by Whatevo in Food & Drink
Sep 20, 2016 08:19am
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