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Success Kid is trying to get his dad a new kidney

Everyone knows this lovable little guy as "Success Kid", an internet meme that went viral nearly five years ago and still popular to this day.  Well, even memes grow up.  Sammy Griner, now eight years old, is asking for the internet's help.  His dad, Justin Griner, is trying to crowdfund his treatment and find a liver donor.
At first, Justin's wife, Laney, didn't want to mention their internet-famous son during their fundraising because she wanted the focus to be primarily on her husband.  But then she figured mentioning it would add a positive boost and help her husband to get the treatment he needs.

Not even a week later, they have exceed their $75,000 goal from over 4,700 donations worldwide.  Though 80% of Justin's post-surgery costs are covered by Medicare, their GoFundMe campaign is meant to find a donor for Justin and raise money for the rest of his care.

You can get more details or make a donation to Justin Griner here.

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