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No more poking people relentlessly to locate veins

Are you scared of needles because you have a horrific history of being jabbed a million times just so the doctors or nurses can locate your veins?  Well, never fear, VeinViewer is here!
VeinViewer was designed by Christie Medical Holdings, a Memphis-based company.  It's a vein finding device that uses infrared light to look under the skin and project an HD image of your veins onto the surface of your skin.  This highly portable device helps hospital staff immediately locate a vein inside a person's arm, with the ability to find veins up to 0.4 inches or 10mm deep.

The infrared red detects hemoglobin in the blood and then instantly illuminates the intricate network of veins.  The light is completely painless, yet highly accurate, increasing both first-stick success and patient satisfaction.

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