Treehouse living in Italy is happening at this apartment complex

Treehouse apartments
Treehouses used to be everyone's childhood dream, but now adults are taking to one of the coolest housing trends ever at this Italian apartment complex.  This apartment complex, called 25 Verde and designed by architect Luciano Pia, stands in Turin, Italy at five stories high with 63 rooms... and it is gorgeous!

According to the property's website, Pia integrated about 150 trees into 25 Verde's eco-friendly design, 40 standing in the courtyard alone, which means less pollution and reduced noise for its residents.  The trees absorb harmful toxins in the air by street cars and even create a microclimate during the seasons, controlling the interior temperatures of the units throughout the year.

Treehouse apartments

Treehouse apartments

Treehouse apartments

Photos courtesy of LUCIANOPIA.

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May 04, 2016 12:00am
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