Tom DeLonge claims he will release four albums this year

Tom DeLonge shared on his Twitter page last night that he will be releasing four albums this year, surprising us with a new single called New World playing in the video above, along with two more tracks coming out in the next few weeks.

Due to the timing of the tweet, there is speculation that this is DeLonge's response to Matt Skiba claiming that Blink-182 "feels like home" on the latest episode of Mark Hoppus' podcast, which went live yesterday evening as well.

Anyway, it looks like Tom will be releasing an album called To The Stars, an effort expected to contain new Blink 182 demos, "along with a few extra tracks", on April 20th.

Two more tracks are to be released before the album's official debut, releasing on March 23rd, and April 6th.  No other details have been released on the other records that DeLonge claims he will be putting out.

Posted by ilovemusic in Music & Audio
May 03, 2016 12:00am
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