Laboratory-Grown Penises May Be Coming Soon

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Scientists at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine are currently working on a way to transplant penises onto men with genital abnormalities or injuries.

A donor penis is required to start the process, where the cells are stripped using a detergent.  The researchers are then left with a collagen scaffold which they mix a combination of cultivated smooth muscle and endothelial cells into from the recipient.  Using the patients own cells eliminates the risk of immunological rejection that can occur when transplants are given from another individual.

Because the cells are taken from the male's genitals, it is impossible to conduct a female-to-male sex reassignment procedure.

The team has engineered six human penises that are ready for trial testing.  If they are successful, they can help men with genital abnormalities or defects across the world.

The same team is known for successfully implanting a lab-grown bladder into a human back in 1999.  Since then, they've transplanted engineered vaginas into women born with defects or without vaginas entirely, and have started working on growing tissues and organs for more than 30 different areas of the body.

Posted by Whatevo in Science
Jan 17, 2016 12:00am
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