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Canada's First Marijuana Vending Machine

The very first cannabis vending machine is available in Vancouver, Canada, and it doesn't even ask for identification!  The vending machine is setup at the headquarters of the BC Pain Society and contains a large variety of different strains available for its customers.
"It's packaged up and sealed professionally.  So you come in, you buy your product, it's fresh, it's quick and easy, and you're out of here in minutes."  Chuck Varabioff of the BC Pain Society stated.  "Our regular members, they already know what they want.  They can walk straight up to the vending machine and get in and out quickly.  They also know we're not recording any of their sales, and they're also happy with that."

Despite marijuana being illegal, medical or not, courts have recently determined that some legal source is needed to a "reasonable" degree.  It's clear that the majority of the population is moving in favor of legalized marijuana.  We'll just have to wait and see where it all ends up.

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