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Kitestring Web Application Notifies Your Friends If You Don't Make It Home

Kitestring mobile app
The famous phrase "Let me know when you get home" is a phrase most of us use on a daily basis.  But, between the time you leave where you're at and get to your destination, it can become easy to forget to do so.  The new Kitestring web application solves this by notifying your contacts if you never reach your destination.

Kitestring is a free web and SMS-based safecall service, available in 217 countries, but in English only at the moment.  All you have to do is launch your web, phone, or tablet browser, setup an account, and you're in!  Anytime you leave for a new destination, all you need to do is text Kitestring with your ETA.  Once you reach your destination, text back letting them know that you arrived to prevent an alert to your contacts.  In case of an attacker checking in on your behalf, Kitestring has setup a secret "check-in word" feature that is required to use when checking in to prevent notifications, as well.

Pretty great idea, if you ask me.  A downloadable application has not yet been announced.

Posted by ilovetechnology in Technology
Jul 26, 2015 12:00am
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