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Is A King Arthur Film Franchise In The Works?

Hollywood is experiencing an era of remakes, sequels, and massive franchises, and if recent reports are true, we may be seeing another fascinating franchise launched soon. According to Deadline, renowned director Guy Ritchie is in the process of organizing a King Arthur franchise that would involve multiple films, and which would clearly have enormous box office potential. So, what sort of potential would such a franchise have, and what do we know about it? Read on for the answers!
In terms of the would-be franchise's potential, there's no real way to quantify things, but it's worth noting that the legends of King Arthur have never quite faded from public attention, despite a relative lack of adaptations and new fiction over the past few years. Here are just a few examples of the legends' continued relevance:

  • The most recent mainstream adaptation of the legends was the 2004 film King Arthur, starring Clive Owen in the iconic role. This film sought to provide a more historical take on Arthurian legend, and despite limited critical success, grossed over $200 million worldwide, demonstrating the public's continued interest in the character.
  • King Arthur continues to show up in games and toys alike. For example, there always seems to be a fresh King Arthur LEGO set available, and in a more adult forum, the Betfair Arcade online casino even has a King Arthur slot machine available! This site has an array of original slot and arcade options for real money gambling, and even in the face of more modern options such as Avengers and Batman themes, the Arthur game remains popular.
  • While there is no actual connection between the Game Of Thrones franchise and Arthurian legend, it's undeniable that the popularity of the former has wetted the public's appetite for medieval themes. Castles, knights, kings, lords, and fantasy elements abound, and the franchise has become some of the most popular fiction in the world. Despite the lack of an actual link to King Arthur, this may be the biggest indication that people are ready for Ritchie's rumored franchise.
As for what we know about the potential series, rumor has it Ritchie is looking to make 6 films, beginning with a script already written by Joby Harold. Warner Bros. has interest in producing the franchise, though it's worth noting that they've whiffed recently on other King Arthur projects, including one concept that would have starred Colin Farrell, and another that would have gone with the younger Kit Harrington (of Game Of Thrones fame) as Arthur. Given the above notes on public interest, however, it seems that the time may be ripe for Arthur to hit the screen once more. Let's hope Ritchie's franchise gets off the ground!

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