Steam Summer Sale is here! Games highlighted by genres - Part 2

Steam Summer Sale 2018
Darron Dixon
Darron Dixon
Jun 24, 2018 • 6 min read • Posted in Events

In case you missed the last article, I will be taking a look at some of Steam’s official genres and highlight some good deals and games that are mostly underlooked. There are a ton of great games on sale though so this is only a handful of what you can find on sale; these are just ones that caught my eye.

GameStop, Inc.

5 Racing games you should really give a chance

Slipstream – If you're missing some of the classic arcade racers then this might just be your best option on Steam! It's the highest amount at $8.99 in my picks from the Racing category, but it definitely seems worth it if you love games like OutRun. Killer visuals and tunes, nothing wrong with that!

Power Hover – Hoverboarding robots? Check. Beautiful low-poly art style? Check. What more can you ask for from a game that is this cheap? It's only $0.59 until the Summer Sale ends. To top it off, the controls are simply moving left and right, so there is no overly complicated control scheme to worry about.

Slowdrive – You play as a sloth who wants to make his way home. I'm a sucker for sloths or any animals who want to drive honestly, so this stood out to me right away. There are 60 levels that may be short but offer a nice challenge. For just $1.49 you can help this poor, adorable sloth find his way home!

Hyperun – This is the game for you if you like making your way up a leaderboard while also going super-fast. On its page, it says that it's inspired by F-Zero and I can definitely see that; I would even argue it looks a bit like Tron. If you are interested in trying it out for yourself, it can be yours for $1.99 during the Summer Sale.

Nirvana Pilot Yume – If you could not tell from the name, this game is heavily inspired by anime. It's also inspired by the DOS classic "SkyRoads" with an added visual original touch. It doesn't seem to be a very long game but for a relatively small price tag of $2.99, this might be worth a shot if you like spaceship racing or anime.

The Adventure Pals

5 RPGs you should really give a chance

The Adventure Pals – While this is technically more of a platformer I decided to include it because of RPG elements. The art style looks great; it's good enough to be its own cartoon! In this adventure, you ride on your giraffe as you go around different worlds completing quests and defeating bosses. You can pick it up for $9.89 right now during the Summer Sale, a pretty good deal for a game that just came out in April.

Towards The Pantheon - In this cute little RPG you find yourself riding hamsters as well as having a cat in your party. It promises ten hours of gameplay that includes sidequests to do and a new game and extend your replay value. You can get it for $7.49 until the Summer Sale ends so be sure to pick it up if this sounds like something you'd be into.

Yodanji – It's described as a coffee-break roguelike that is themed after Japanese folklore tales. In this dungeon crawler, you get the ability to summon and trap Yokai. With a ton of playable characters and cute pixel graphics, this game is sure to give you hours of entertainment. It's currently $3.49 during the Summer Sale so pick it up if you need a little dungeon crawling in your life.

Toymaker – This game has a fantastic looking art style that reminds me of RPGs from the SNES age. You can choose classes for your followers in this ten plus hour journey that has crafty gnomes and proud reindeer. You can pick your new toy up for $3.49 during the Summer Sale.

Baobabs Mausoleum Ep. 1 Ovnifagos Don’t Eat Flamingos – If you're on the look-out for a bizarre game that's inspired by the likes of Twin Peaks, Earthbound, and Monkey Island then look no further! Episode 1 is $1.49 on the Summer Sale, but you can buy the bundle that includes both Episode 1 and 2 for $5.11 as well.

Yet Another Research Dog

5 Simulation games you should really give a chance

Yet Another Research Dog – In this game, you work on countless jobs in order to make enough money for daily supply. The art style looks nice and all of the characters are either cats or dogs. You can pick it up for $1.39 during the Summer Sale.

Toy Seeker – This is a simple little game that pretty much speaks for itself in the title; your objective is to find toys hidden in a "Where’s Waldo?" fashion. It can be yours for $0.49 if you can find the hidden change for it.

Tavernier – What you'll find in this charming little title is a tavern management game mixed with an interactive story. If you enjoy business management style games then this looks like a great option for you at only $0.98.

Indie Game Sim – Have you ever wanted to know what it's like to be an indie dev on Steam? You sort of can in this funny little simulation game. For $1.99 you too can worry about getting negative reviews and making enough money!

Mainlining – In this point-and-click simulation you'll find yourself hunting down a hacking organization. It looks like a lot of fun if you're into solving crimes as well so if that's your thing it can be yours for $2.49.

Star Vikings Forever

5 Strategy games you should really give a chance

Star Vikings Forever – From the creators of Chroma Squad, Dungeonland, and Relic Hunters Zero (My personal favorite from their catalogue). In this light strategy game, there's a mix of puzzle and RPG gameplay with over eight hours of gameplay. You can pick it up for $2.49 on the Summer Sale but hurry; you would not want to miss out on this forever (pun intended).

Shattered Throne – If you miss the days of Shining Force then this might be a nice, cheap option to fill that void. While the graphics may not wow you, it looks to be a deep turn-based strategy experience. Plan the best course of action on your way to pick it up for $2.49.

50 years – In this game, you'll find an alternative to long, drawn-out strategy battles. It has plenty of difficulty levels so you can play it whichever way is best for you. And also zombie chickens are a thing so why not pick it up for $2.99? In all seriousness, this does look like a lot of fun and a nice change from your standard strategy game.

STATUS: INSANE – What's unique about this game is that it has you playing as Igor, a man confined in a straitjacket while he's trying to escape. It's currently $1.99 during the Summer Sale so snatch it up before this offer escapes!

NEXT JUMP: Shmup Tactics – This is a rather cool hybrid of a shmup and a strategy game. If you enjoyed games like FTL but wish for something new, this might be a good option for you. It can be yours for $1.49 during the Summer Sale.

Thanks for reading the second part! You can also read Part 1 of our Steam Summer Sale finds. Be sure to look around yourself as there are thousands of games on sale until July 5th. Happy gaming!

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