Daddio reviews Polygon Attack for Indie Game Spotlight

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Polygon Attack is currently discounted on the Steam store at the low price of $0.49 until May 15th. If you're into retro games such as Galaga or Space Invaders, consider giving this game a shot!

When I first stumbled upon this game, I was convinced to give it a shot because of the Vectrex art style. If you're a veteran of shmups you might be disappointed, however, there is not much challenge, but I found the enemy variety to be a substantial enough reason to enjoy myself.

The game has light RPG elements in that your score can be spent to improve stats or unlock other forms of attack. As a lover of both RPGs and more recently shmups, it brought me tremendous joy to cover this title. A good friend of mine said that it reminded them of Galaga mixed with Geometry Wars, two incredible games that you can never go wrong with.

The music is pretty decent for this style of game though I would say it's not one of the high points. Overall it seems to be a short game, but the price is more than reasonable for the lack of longevity.

Polygon Attack is currently discounted on the Steam store at a low price of $0.49 until May 15th, so now's definitely a good time to pick it up!

Thanks for checking out the article! If you'd like to see some gameplay of Polygon Attack, I made a YouTube video of me playing it. It should give you a good idea of how the game works and be a deciding factor if you are still on the fence after the article. Happy gaming!

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