'Skelly Selest' first impressions, a new action-adventure game on Steam

Skelly Selest

Skelly Selest, a new game available on Steam described as a "score-attack slash dash run 'n' gun-athon." Check out my playthrough and first impressions of the game.

I recently found out about this game because of a PCGamer article about it, describing it as Enter the Gungeon meets Devil Daggers. I haven't played Devil Daggers yet, but I love Enter the Gungeon so that sold me on picking it up.

The art style may not be for everyone, but I like the way it looks.
It does a good job of not getting in the way of the gameplay. From just looking at screenshots you might think this is a twin-stick shooter like I did, (it's not), but the controls are still easy enough to pick up.

The game has three modes that I'm aware of in a stage-based mode, a wave-based mode, and a card battle mode. It really impresses me that they added a card collecting game (No need to fret, it is very easy to get all the cards) to complement the primary rogue-lite mode.

The way they describe the game on their store page is "score-attack slash dash run 'n' gun-athon" which is probably the most accurate way to explain the core game to you.

The price is incredibly fair for this game; I got it on the promotional discount and felt like it was more than worth it. You can purchase a copy of Skelly Selest for yourself on Steam but you better hurry; the special promotion price of $2.24 ends on May 8th. Even if you do miss it, the base price of $2.99 is more than reasonable for the content found in the game.

If this sounds like your sort of thing, I definitely recommend picking it up and trying to beat your high scores! Here's a playthrough of mine from my YouTube channel for you to check out for yourself. Enjoy!

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