A guide to make the most out of your gaming budget, mostly for PC

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If you have read my articles in the past then you know I like to highlight games that you could afford on a budget. This article is similar in a lot of ways. The main difference being that this will help you track more than just Steam deals.

This guide isn't meant for any specific type of gamer as I'm pretty sure we would all like to save some money if possible. Below I have brought together sites and resources you can use to help you get the best deals on old and new games alike. Be sure to follow any of the people listed to stay up-to-date on deals; you'd be surprised how much you can end up saving! I hope this turns out to be an educational tool in a sense for people on a budget out there, happy gaming!


CheapShark – This is one of the newer sites I've been using to check deals. I like that it's broken up into sites for easy viewing. It covers Steam, GamersGate, Green Man Gaming, Amazon (digital only I believe), Fanatical, Gamebillet, GoG, GameStop, Silagames, and Chrono.

What stands out for me about CheapShark is their use of a rating system. Here's an explanation found on their site about how the rating system works:

"We rate deals on a number of factors. A few of these include how new the game is, what size discount is offered, the Metacritic rating, and how fresh the deal is."

Indiegamebundles – This site focuses mainly on new bundles as the name would suggest. That's not all they cover though; you can be notified of free game giveaways or individual game deals. Indiegamebundles is honestly my go-to when it comes to sites. I trust them the most to have up-to-date bundle information. Most of the bundle sites they'll link to are Humble Bundle, Indie Gala, and Fanatical.

Cheap Ass Gamer – This is also one of my go-to sites, especially if I want to see what people are saying about current deals. It's set up more like a forum so you can talk amongst fellow deal enthusiasts to get their opinion about games you're thinking of buying or just to have a friendly conversation with.

Unlike the previous two sites, CAG alerts you of both physical and digital deals. I have personally been trying to go more toward the digital side, but if it means saving a lot, it can definitely be worth picking up physical.

Steamdb – I had previously talked about using this site as a resource before but still wanted to include it for those that missed it. What you will find here is a solid resource for everything Steam as it gives you info on sales, price glitches, and Steam bundles. I owe this site a lot of credit for helping me determine the price history of games that I cover in articles; great site!

SteamGifts – I decided to throw this one in here as a bonus. It's mainly a site used to giveaway games or enter giveaways. The site also has forums and a deals section though that usually ends up being faster than other sources. They also cover some bundle sites that do not usually get mentioned on the other sites so you might find a hidden gem this way.


Wario64 – One of the greatest deal tracking options I have ever found. He does quick work to alert of new deals or price mistakes. If there is only one site or person you check out on this list, I really recommend this be the one. I usually end up missing the crazy good deals, but I still have got a ton of savings from following him.

Cheap Ass Gamer – I previously mentioned their site in the article, but it's also worth following their Twitter account. It's a good resource to use when you're on-the-go or just want to see what deals are happening without leaving Twitter.

Browser Extension

Enhanced Steam – If you want to make browsing the Steam store a much better experience, get this browser extension ASAP. It tracks how many times a game has been bundled and its historical lowest price among other features. It's currently available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.

Thanks for checking out the guide. I hope it's helped you find out about more resources for your deal hunting quest! If you know of any sites or people I didn't mention in this guide, feel free to let me know in the comments below.
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