Can we get Super Mario Maker on the Nintendo Switch, please?

Super Mario Maker

We've received ports from Wii U titles such as Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and Hyrule Warriors, but we've still heard nothing on another favorite, Super Mario Maker. Does Nintendo plan to release this any time soon or at all?

Nintendo is making every effort to leave the Wii U behind in its rear-view mirror, which is great news for Switch owners, but lovers of the Wii U and its games are getting left in the dark. Many hit games have been ported to the new system, but it's still surprising that we haven't seen or heard anything from Nintendo on a Super Mario Maker port to the Switch.

In all honesty, since it was already ported over to the 3DS, it's highly unlikely that we'll see this game on the Switch, however, more likely that we'll get to see a sequel of the game. As long as they stay true to the original nature of the game, I think it could work well either way. However, many fans of the original game have concluded that the controller support that the Nintendo Switch offers wouldn't be ideal for a game like Super Mario Maker.

What do you think? Would you like to see the original make its way to the Nintendo Switch or even a sequel? Or should we let the past be the past and focus on new content going forward?
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