'God of War 4' PS4 review, story recap, and thoughts

God of War 4 Kratos

Santa Monica Studios has done it again! The Ghost of Sparta returns, but have they have done it differently. So if you haven’t played the game yet, be aware, SPOILERS AHEAD!

God of War initially started with Kratos, a General for the Spartan army, when he was in the clutches of Death and gave his life to Aries. Kratos went on a killing rampage for Aries and in during which, accidentally killed his wife and child. From that point forward, he had to wear their ashes on his skin as a reminder of the horror he caused.

During the game, Zeus and the other gods of Olympus decided that Aries has taken things too far and needed to be demoted as God of War. Zeus and the other gods gave Kratos the option to obtain powers from Olympus, fight his way through ancient Greece, and overpower Aries. After completing the game, Kratos becomes the God of War.

The second game starts with Zeus and the other gods not happy with Kratos behavior as the God of War, so they want to place Aries back in that position. Once Zeus takes most of Kratos' powers away, Kratos is demoted and is fighting to get revenge on Mount Olympus. He teams up with the Titans, and the game ends with Kratos climbing up Olympus for an all-out-war.

The third game continues the fight but ends with Zeus being killed and Kratos begging for the nightmares to go away that haunts him day and night. After his request is denied by Athena, he stabbed himself in attempt to have the nightmares be erased.

So, God of War 4 starts out with Kratos living in exile with a new family. This open-world game starts with him chopping down a tree and attaching it to a boat. He drops the tree in the water, and he and his son get on the boat and head towards home. His son runs into a small house, and lights candles that surround a body wrapped. After Kratos chops wood, he goes in and picks up the body and places it on the stack of wood. He proceeds to cremate the body of his late wife.

God of War 4 screenshot

The game is so far showing promise of what the God of War series normally does. Gorey violence, but with an amazing story. After Kratos collects the ashes of his late wife, he and his son go on a journey to the top of the mountain to scatter her ashes. His son, Atreus is strong with a bow and acts as any other child does. He’s impatient, scattered, and tries to win his dad’s love. Kratos attempts to reach out to his son to console him, but back off. He’s trying to teach his son to survive in the harsh world they live in.

There are some cons to the game though. The map is very confusing. It doesn’t tell you where your next goal is, it doesn’t show any paths, and a big Omega symbol covers the arrow in which way Kratos is facing. L1 and R1 are normally used for fighting, which most games use X or O.

Overall though, the game is visually stunning, and the story so far seems to be Kratos making up for his past mistakes. So far, I’m giving this game 8 out of 10.
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