PUBG releasing new underground map you can parachute into

PUBG multiplayer map art

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds latest map, Savage, is an underground cave system currently in the works by PUBG Corp. among other things that they're working towards in the next several months to lean towards a specific vision.

The developers at PUBG Corp. took an epic journey to the Phraya Nakhon Cave, buried deep inside the Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park in Mexico's Cave of Swallows. The result is to be their latest multiplayer map of underground cave systems, which could be the best yet ever in the multiplayer scene.

The team will be using images from their scouting trip to design a map that players will parachute straight into with the goal of fighting their way out.

PUBG Savage map concept art

PUBG offered a taste of this style of multiplayer map in the game's original environment, Erangel, featuring a system of tunnels in the southeastern portion of the map. However, this will be nothing compared to what's in store for the future.

The real-life Phraya Nakhon Cave features small patches of greenery growing up out of the limestone with a small pavilion, erected in 1890 to celebrate the visit by the king of Siam, Chulalongkorn. The PUBG Corp. team is taking these concepts, revising them, and implementing them into their new multiplayer map.

Kuhu Kharuehat pavilion inside the Phraya Nakhon Cave
Photo of Kuhu Kharuehat pavilion inside the Phraya Nakhon Cave by Berry J

PUBG Corp. stated in a Steam post:

"We drew inspiration from this real-life setting and then ultimate [sic] how we thought about ways to make it a fun and unique part of our next map. We’re excited about it, and we hope you will be too! We have months of work left to do; beyond refining the experience and making changes that impact balance, we also plan to add new vehicles, new weapons, and most exciting in our eyes are the new areas that we think will set this map apart from our first two."

A specific release date has not been set for the new multiplayer map. However, you can expect it within the next couple of months.
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